Welcome To Kanan Plastic

Experienced for more than 45 years, Kanan Plastic is one of the major players in the manufacturing of LDPE bags. Our LDPE bags, Rolls, and Sheets are very popular products due to our consistent quality of workmanship, after-sales services, and reliability. We strive to ensure that every product manufactured performs as per customer’s expectations so that we achieve their complete satisfaction and loyalty.


We are serving the world's continents with the best quality plastic bags, rolls, and sheets, and our uncompromising quest to satisfy our customers has led to a consistent increase in the business.


The most difficult aspect of doing business is building trust among customers. Therefore, we undergo a continuous process of achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality, keeping in mind customer needs, and having confidence in our products is of prime importance for us.
Each one i.e. the employee, as well as the management, is responsible to follow the rigid quality control measures that have been put into effect.

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